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Oct 13

Oct 13
Stoffle, the Badger that can escape from anywhere! | Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem - BBC [4:12]
Thanksgiving '97. The day Barney was killed [4:44]
Not even the Joker will take on the IRS. [0:23]
Killer Mike - "Reagan" (Official Music Video) [4:11]
Why do prime numbers make these spirals? [22:30]
How Did You Find Me? [3:23]
Walter Lewin's Dotted Lines Explained! [1:56]
Kentucky All State Choir - National Anthem - 2019 [3:10]
Meet A Real Samurai (Cuts 240 mph BB Gun Pellet) | ASIAN BOSS [15:56]
Funny English Idioms - and why we say them! [7:09]