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Feb 18

Feb 18
TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K) [29:21]
How Many Holes Does a Human Have? [21:27]
The World Is Just Awesome (Boom De Yada) | Discovery [1:01]
Swedish man scares the living shit out of an attacking bear [0:45]
redruM [4:19]
The FLOOFIEST BATS being absolutely destroying [2:57]
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' dungeon design | Boss Keys [10:59]
America's Infrastructure Is Crumbling | VICE on HBO [13:55]
A young genius creates an insect-sized drone to spy on his ex-girlfriend. | Flyspy [21:14]
George Carlin Whining Baby Boomers [2:28]